These are pictures given to me by Sue during our lunch together on May 24, 2007.
Click thumbnails for larger pictures.

"Banjo Benny"

Benny performing live in Florida, 1990.

"Benny And The Mets"

Filming in New York:
Benny in New York Mets cap, jacket, and shorts.

Benny's Birthday

Clockwise from lower left:
Sue, Libby Roberts, and Jenny Westbrook help Benny celebrate his birthday,
circa 1982.

Bottoms Up

Sue gets "cheeky" in this early promotional photo!

Feel The Burn

A strained muscle, perhaps?
The line to massage it forms on the right...

Frills Aplenty

Sue must have found it difficult to sit down wearing that skirt!
Filming on location, 1980.

Sue and Benny

Two of Sue and Benny together:
Left: Benny's birthday, circa 1988.
Right: At Sue's home, circa 1983.

Sue and The (New) Saint

Sue (center), with Ian Ogilvy and models:
Return of the Saint, 1977.

Sue's Closeup

A nice closeup of Sue with a Gallic Benny:
clearly from the same photoshoot as "Benny et Quatre Anges."

Sue's Smile

Sue shows us her lovely, demure smile.

Two Flowers

One botanical, one human.

What Does A Man Have To Do
To Get Arrested Around Here?

Not just a rhetorical question, when PC Sue's on duty!
Policewomen Sue and Carla de Wansey,
from "The Good Guys" sketch, May 1st, 1989.

"When Benny Comes Marching Home Again..."

The Benny Hill Show, 1985:
the best reason for any soldier to want to come home.

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