For many years, Sue's enjoyed traveling to different places throughout the world.
So I thought it might be of interest to her fans, if there was a page detailing her recent itineraries.
This information comes directly from Sue herself, as do the comments.

Place(s) Visited Date Remarks
Chamonix, France August 2023 Sue's taken a third trip to Chamonix. She writes, "Hi Erik, well back home from Chamonix, arrived home late Sat eve, after travelling all day from 9.30 am and arriving at Calais at 6.30 pm, then had a wait to board the euro train. Chamonix was great, very hot, around 34 C. most days. Visited lovely places, Vallorcine where there are beautiful waterfalls, Annecy, where we had a speedboat ride on the lake, and Lake Passy, a huge lake where public swim. I went up the mountain Aquille de Midi, which lies adjacent to Mount Blanc, spectacular views but hardly any snow."
Chamonix, France September 2022 Sue traveled to Chamonix again, to attend her son Richard's wedding. She wrote, "Chamonix is a magical place, the scenery spectacular, the weather was great and sun shone all day of the wedding. The mountain pic I took from the top of Aqua de Midi, which is a high mountain right by the side of Mount Blanc, it is a tourist trip, where at the top, all the views were similar to my pic, it was wonderful. The wedding ceremony took place up a mountain and we all had to get into cable cars."
Dubai; Singapore; Bali; Malaysia February/March 2019 "Hi Erik, well survived the holiday, and it was great. It was full on every day to try and fit all the sightseeing in. A bit disappointed with Bali, it is mainly dirty, scruffy apart from the beaches, which were too hot to visit. Singapore was out of this world, the buildings were great, never seen such tall skyscrapers where people live, a real eye opener, and the cruise ship was lovely, so much to do but not enough time. The weather was hot and humid, found it a bit draining at times as not used to it, but so glad for the experience, won't be rushing back as such a long way to go, the next trip will be in Europe, close to home."
Majorca, Spain August 2018 Sue spent a week on the island of Majorca, a traditional vacation destination for sun-seeking Brits.
Chania, Crete, Greece April 2018 "Hi Erik, well had a most lovely relaxing holiday near Chania, Crete. The Greeks are so lovely and friendly, can't do enough for you. Enjoyed lots of cocktail drinks as went all inclusive, had good walks [and a] boat trip to an island where a diver on board surfaced with two octopus, and insisted I handled it, oh my god, how weird and rather daunting. Now back to work, and think of where to go next."
Canary Islands, Spain October 2017 "Had a lovely hol, weather was 28 degrees, got suntan, went down in a submarine to see fish, a bit scary but enjoyed it."
Chamonix, France; Courmayeur, Italy April 2017 After a break from traveling, Sue's recently dusted off her suitcase. Of her trip to the French and Italian Alps, she writes, "Hi Erik, back from a fab trip to Chamonix. What a beautiful, pretty place, we had a heat wave at 24 degrees, just tee shirt weather, the sun shone on the snowy mountains, stunning. we visited Cormeyer in Italy, that was similar and went up cable car as far as public can go up to mount Blanc, the views were breathtaking, would love to visit again as no ground snow, maybe try a baby ski slope."
Albufeira, Portugal September 2015 Sue took another hot-weather holiday. She writes: "We had a good resting holiday in Albufeira, Portugal, a really lovely place with super beaches, the weather was soon hot, I got red and a little burnt so had to be careful for few days."
Belgium October 2014 Sue and Roger visited historic World War I battle sites.
Fuerteventura, Spain June 2014 Sue and her cousin Carol spent a week sunning and shopping on this island in the Canaries.
Bruges, Belgium November 2013 "We loved Bruges, it was like fairyland, with canals, there was a Christmas market. Lots of cyclists everywhere, and lot of Belgium chocolates in lots of shops, the smell was overpowering, and I did not eat any, I prided myself as they looked so gorgeous, and they worked out £1 per small chocolate, rather expensive I think."
The Norfolk Broads, England October 2013 Sue and her family went on a boating and fishing holiday to this area, known for its picturesque scenery and many interlocking lakes and canals. She found it "very relaxing."
Crete, Greece May 2013 Sue and her cousin Carol went on another hot-weather girls' getaway.
Callella & Barcelona, Spain September 2012 "There was a great beach, loads of shops & bars etc. I enjoyed my full quota of cocktail drinks, we were 'all inclusive' at our hotel. So the cocktails kept coming, and I took them. We had a visit to Barcelona, – what a great city, loads to see, and lots of walking."
Dorset, England June 2012 "I had a good interesting trip to Dorset. The south country is so beautiful – like Devon & Cornwall, very hilly, lots of quaint little (& large) cottages and small winding country hilly lanes, the coast is fantastic."
Kos, Greece May 2012 "Hope you liked the few pictures I sent over. Actually no-one looks good in holiday snaps, sent a couple of the hotel as well."
Rhodes, Greece June 2011 "I must say, the Greeks are such lovely, warm, friendly, hospitable people. My cousin Carol & I had a really great time, we had lots of laughs, explored all down the east coast of the island. It's larger than one thinks, but I'm afraid to say, it seems to be hit, like the other Greek islands by the recession – not many English people about, more Czech and Russian. The weather was very hot, and I got a very good colour (tan) I mean."
Nile Valley, Egypt December 2010 "Well! We had a wonderful experience cruising on the River Nile in Egypt. It is astounding, visiting the temples & tombs in the mountains & desert. The culture and the history of thousands of years ago is simply unbelievable, and the dedication of the Egyptologists that escort you on the itineries are second to none! I would certainly recommend this type of holiday to anyone who wants to experience something different."
Majorca, Spain May 2010 Sue and her cousin Carol spent a week on the sunny island of Majorca. Sue writes: "[T]here is a lovely big harbour where the cruise liners come in to dock, we took a boat trip around the harbour, and were mesmerised by all the cyclists everywhere, they seem to encourage everyone to cycle as there are special lanes everywhere, then we visited the grand cathedral of Palma that overlooks the harbour. What a fantastic place."
Prague, Czech Republic December 2009 To celebrate the holiday season, Sue visited the famous Christmas markets in Prague.
Lot region, southwest France May 2009 "We are visiting friends who have a home in the Lot Region. It is really lovely there, fantastic old villages by the River Lot. I can also practise my French, which I really enjoy."
Germany (Saarland) November 2008 "I...decided that after all these years I like Riesling wine. The scenery is very pretty, with lovely coloured old timber beautiful houses - just breathtaking. There are also numerous castles & lovely old churches. We walked our feet off."
Bergerac region, southwest France May 2008 "...we are driving down to stay with [friends] and tour about the region. I will be able to brush up on my French. I love the French lingo, and will enjoy trying my best to be understood."
Germany (Feldberg, the Black Forest) August 2007 "Took a 10-kilometer hike up a mountain - glowing with perspiration, adrenalin flowing. Views were spectacular. Three hours later arrived back at our base at a splendid fairy tale hotel, then tucked into a fantastic home made Black Forest Gateaux cake, laced with so much Kirsch I felt drunk. I really love Germany, and the people, in fact everything about it, and I even lost a little weight through all the exercise. - I'll have to continue walking up mountains!"
Portugal July 2007 "The beaches were great, the largest I'd ever seen."
France (Strasbourg)
Germany (Stuttgart)
Spring 2007 Sue calls Strasbourg "a fairy-tale city."
Spain (Granada, Casades, Murcia) February 2006 "Southern Spain, i.e. Estepona, Murcia, is an uplifting experience, makes me feel young, vibrant and rearing to go, lively atmosphere & carefree, laid-back feel."
Germany (Lake Constance) November 2005 "I am going to lovely Germany around Lake Constance for my birthday..."
Mediterranean Sea October 2004 A cruise from Malta to Venice, with stops in Sicily, Corfu, and Dubrovnik.
Spain (Estepona) March-April 2004
Austria (Salzburg) November 2003 "It is a really wonderful place. I went on a day tour of The Sound of Music. It was fantastic, I wanted to run down a hill singing The Hills are Alive, and I bloody well did. My husband and friends said they thought I was mad, I told them, yes you are right."
Thailand February 2003
Kenya December 2001 Safari holiday. Sue's husband Roger had a gig playing there with his band at this time.
USA (Las Vegas; the Grand Canyon) Spring 2001 Sue reports that she enjoyed this trip very much, and would like to return to the western US, particularly to visit Lake Tahoe and Yellowstone National Park.

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