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Lunch With an Angel

At the Bar Monaco, Shaftsbury Avenue, London, 12/13/01

Lunch With an Angel: Second Helping

The Strand Palace Hotel, London, 12/17/02

Lunch With an Angel: Third Course

Bertorelli's, Frith Street, London, February 3rd, 2005

Outside Bertorelli's: taken by Ian with his camera phone.

Lunch With an Angel #4

Delhi Brasserie, Frith Street, London, May 24, 2007

Dinner With An Angel

Spaghetti House, Woodstock Street, London, November 19, 2009

An Afternoon With Sue

At Sue's home and her local pub, May 9, 2011.

Out And About With Sue

In the West End near Oxford Street (above) and the Cinema Museum (below) on Feb. 28th, 2013.

"Something Completely Different" With Sue

July 1st, 2014: before the opening night of Monty Python Live (Mostly) at the O2 Arena, London.
From left to right:
"Cheers, Erik!" (the nicest view in London) / At the Arena / Sue, at our seats.

With Sue in Stratford

October 4, 2016: during our lunch and chat together at Westfield Stratford City.

The Sue Upton Collection

Click here for a page of photos, all presented to me by Sue during our lunch together on May 24, 2007.

A Present From Sue

A big, beautiful signed picture, and a wonderful present!

Sue's Starry Night

Tony Frederick sent this wonderfully evocative,
digitally-enhanced version of the above picture.

"Angels' Delight"

From the April 22 - 29th, 1988 issue of the TV Times.
Sue and fellow Angels Zoe Bryant, Liz Jobling, and Miki Harvey model some of the latest fashions of the day.
Benny drops by also - to keep things well in hand, so to speak!

At the Cabaret Bizarre

Promotional picture from The Benny Hill Show:
Sue as a maid from the "Cabaret Bizarre" sketch.
Thanks to Jeffrey Cook for the scan.

The B-Team

Sue (bottom right) joins Lorraine Doyle (upper right), Louise English (bottom center),
two unknown Angels (left) and Benny as B.A. Baracus.

Benny and Sue

An iconic portrait of Benny and Sue: fellow entertainers and fast friends.

Benny and the Snow Angels

Angels Lesley Woods, Sue, and Anita Ray join snowman Benny for a Yuletide publicity photo.
(See also "Benny the Snowman," below.)

"Benny et Quatre Anges"

A Gallic-looking Benny, happy to be surrounded by
(clockwise from lower left)
Sue, Lorraine Doyle, Zoe Bryant, and Vicki Harris.

"Benny et Quatre Anges, Part Deux"

A color photo from the same shoot.

Benny on BBC America

From Benny's run on BBC America: a promotional graphic featuring Sue, Benny, and Vicki Harris.

Benny the Snowman

A color photo from the same shoot as "Benny and the Snow Angels," above.

Benny the Viking

From the sketch Heroes Through the Ages (April 5, 1989):
Viking Benny poses proudly with Sue (second from left) and the rest of his "booty."

Benny's Gym

A promotional shot from the April 25th, 1984 show:
Sue, at top left.

The Black Dress

If Rembrandt had painted Sue, the result might look something like this.

"Britain's Finest?" on USA Network

Police Constable Benny is joined by Women's Police Constable Sue (right) and an unidentified Angel WPC,
for this shot publicizing The Benny Hill Show on the American cable channel, USA Network.

The British Comedy All-Star Team

Sue, Benny, Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise, and other comics assemble for a Thames TV publicity photo.

Catering by Chow Mein

Sue makes the mistake of hiring Chow Mein (Benny) to cater her dinner party.

Ease On Down the Road

A very nice closeup of Sue (left) and Louise English (right) just barely in costume for the "Ease On Down the Road" musical number.

Fred Scuttle Visits America

For a promotional tour of the USA circa 1987, Sue and the rest of the Angels join Benny as Fred Scuttle.

The Girl Next Door (I Wish)

An early modeling composite of Sue, in which she epitomizes the ideal, sexy, and sweet girl next door.

"Good Clean Fun?"

The first page of a Radio Times article from December 1991. Vicki Harris (left) and Sue (right) appear in support of Benny.

"Good Evening, Viewers!"

Sue (lower right), Louise (lower left) and the rest of the Angels join Benny, as cinema commissionaire Fred Scuttle.

Hands-On Police Work

Benny looks very pleased (and who could blame him?) to be manhandled (womanhandled?) by WPCs Sue Upton and Carla de Wansey.

Hug a Hoodie (If It's Sue, That Is)

From the 1979 annual issue of girls' comic book Diana, Sue models a comfy-looking white hooded sweater.

Marlene the Moll

From an Australian poster for What's Up Superdoc!, Sue as gang moll Marlene.

"Mend Your Ways, Sue!"

Sue seems to be getting a kindly yet stern talking-to from clergyman Bob Todd.
Thanks to Jeffrey Cook for the scan.

"Nice Work If You Can Get It..."

Another promotional picture from Jeffrey Cook's collection:
Benny, looking smug and happy (and justifiably so!) to be surrounded
by the members of Love Machine, and some of the first Hill's Angels.
(Sue, front row center.)

A Night at Benito's

Benny and Sue as doorman and customer at 19th-century nightclub, Benito's.

A Penny For Sue's Autograph,
or, 86-58-86

One of Sue's modeling composite cards, from her erstwhile agency Penny Personal Management, signed by her.
Includes her measurements in both metric units (left) and English units (right).

A Penny For Sue's Autograph, Revisited

Another of Sue's modeling composite cards, signed by her to a different fan.

The Purple Nightie

From the collection of photo bureau Rex Features:
Sue models a sexy purple nightie with matching panties.

"S" is for Sue, Sexy, and Sensational!

Sue models her trademark "S" pendant, and not much else, in this outstanding glamour shot.
Courtesy of and thanks to Rex Features.

"Saucy Sue"

Sue kicks up her heels, in this press photo from 1980.
Click here to read the promotional blurb on the back of the picture.

Scouting With Benny

Vicki Harris, Benny, and Sue pose in this late-80s promotional picture.
Printed in the Daily Mail, April 13, 2002.
Thanks to Ian for sending it along!

"South Seas Sue"

From Jeffrey Cook's collection of Benny Hill Show promotional photos:
Sue in costume for "An Occasional Man" ...the dance number, that is!

"Spotlights" on Sue

Three photos of Sue from the "Spotlight" casting directory. From left to right: 1979, 1982, and 1986.

Starlet Sue

As a young, innocent-looking starlet, Sue smiles into her bright future.

The Stereo Smooch

Lucky Benny gets a simultaneous, "stereo" smooch from Lesley Woods, on the left, and Sue on the right.

Strawberry-Blonde Sue

From Sue's collection: a very rare publicity photo of her as a strawberry-blonde.

Sue and Bobby

Sue brought along Bobby, her beloved Bichon Frise, during her June 2012 holiday in Dorset.

Sue and Horus

At the Temple of Edfu in Egypt, Sue poses with a statue of Horus, ancient Egyptian god of the sky.

Sue and Ian

Sue, with friend Ian Freeman, at the Heritage Foundation's Christmas dinner in November 2003.

Sue "Carries On Selling"

At a Heritage Foundation event in October 2003, Sue displays memorabilia of Carry On actor Terry Scott, being sold for charity.

Sue Goes Dutch

From a 1984 issue of Dutch magazine Aktueel.
Click here for an English translation of the text: thanks to Maurice de Saxe.

"Sue in the Spotlight"

Sue's publicity photo from the 1977/78 issue of Spotlight,
an annual reference book used in TV, movie, and theatrical casting.
Thanks to Shaqui for the scan.

"Sue Laurel & Benny Hardy"

From the April 1 - 7, 1989 issue of the TV Times, Sue and Benny as Stan and Ollie.
Click here to read the accompanying article.

Sue, Mother of the Bride

At her daughter Louise's wedding on July 19, 2008,
Sue models her "large, posh" wedding hat.

Sue On Guard

From the sketch Superteech (January 5, 1983):
Sue (top center) and the other guards in the employ of Wanda the Wicked West Wickham Whip Woman (Alison Bell, not pictured)
keep a close eye on captives Superteech (Benny) and Princess Jasmine (Louise English).

Sue On Telly

Friend and fellow Sue-fan Mark Cox sent this evocative screen capture of Sue, from an April 2014 repeat of the documentary The Unforgettable Benny Hill.

Sue Outdoors

Also from Rex Features: two beautiful shots of Sue in the great outdoors.

Sue, the "Supporting" Actress

Together with the other lovelies from Confessions From a Holiday Camp,
Sue (third from left, in striped bikini bottom) provides shapely support to star, Robin Askwith.

 Sue's Alpine Adventure 

Some photos from Sue's trip to Chamonix, France, in April 2017.
Her son Richard is also pictured.

Sue's Greek Getaway

Photos taken of and by Sue, during her Greek island holiday in May 2012.

Sue's "Model" Behavior

Sue models a sexy white top in the "My Guy" clothing catalog from 1978.
Thanks to Simon Bewick for the scan.

Sue's Smile

A beautiful, wide-eyed yet demure smile from Sue.

Sue's Spanish Sojourn

A couple of photos from Sue's trip to Spain in September 2012.

Sue's TV Times Pinup

From the TV Times of January 20, 1977:
very possibly the sexiest picture of Sue ever taken.

"To Jayne-Marie, With Love from Benny"

Hill's Angel Jayne-Marie kindly sent this scan of a picture autographed to her by Benny.
She's at the far left, standing behind Louise English;
Sue's standing third from left, with her hand on Benny's shoulder.

"A Tribute to Sue Upton"

A montage of some of Sue's many appearances on The Benny Hill Show.

"What Benny Looks For In a Hill's Angel"

Who else but Sue, to illustrate the answer to this question?
From Weekend magazine, No. 4040 (Oct. 20-26, 1982);
click here to read the article.

Who Says Angels Only Wear White?

Sue (over Benny's left shoulder) with the rest of the Angels,
in costume for the "Street Dance in Red" number.

Will the Real Kenny Everett Please Stand Up?

Sue (second top left) with the rest of the girls from the "Hot Gossamer" dance number,
along with both the real Kenny Everett, and Henry McGee as Kenny Everett.

The Wine List

Sue's date ponders the wine list, while Sue looks apprehensive at the thought of either the house red or the house white.

Any more pictures of Sue? Email Erik Larsen.